WATCH: Mary Twala’s Emotional Funeral Service

WATCH: Mary Twala’s Emotional Funeral Service

As the country mourns Mary Twala’s passing, her family has allowed the nation to witness her burial online. This is because of the necessary regulations brought on by the Covid-19. Mary Twala’s funeral records are expected to be witnessed by thousands of her fans as they pay their last respects to the image.

The sad news of Mama Twala’s passing at the age of 80 was announced on social media by her son on Saturday. This after several days of her being admitted to Netcare’s Park Lane Hospital in Johannesburg

Due to the current global pandemic of Covid 19, the funeral will adhere to the current national funeral restrictions of only 50 attendees allowed, together with the necessary health protocols being observed. No members of the public may attend the funera”Said Sibu.

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Mary Twala’s Family Revealed The Sickness That Killed Her

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