Watch: Mary Twala’s Last Moments In Hospital

Watch: Mary Twala’s Last Moments In Hospital

The late Mary Twala was laid to rest on Thursday 9th of July 2019, but she left in good high spirits. This according to a video shared by Lilian Dube who paid her a visit just days before her passing.

“Ngyakuthanda mngani wami, I miss you,” are the words Lilian Dube said to her best friend. Lilian shared a video of her last moments with the late expert actress who was in high spirits even with being sickly for a long period of time.

In the video they could be heard planning a little celebration on the 20th and what outfits they were going to wear. “Don’t tell me it’s a surprise baby. We are going to be toodoo,” she told Lilian.

Mary Twala was not discouraged by her hospitalization as she said “hospital or no hospital, everything is phashash.” The actress didn’t even feel as and yet she was in hospital as she felt like she was in Hollywood.

The two best friends were in a SABC2 drama Skwiza’s and Lilian encouraged her friend to get well so she can get out of the hospital and start shooting for the show. Promising her bestie that she will be alright, Mary responded by saying “I will nakanjani, I’ll be part of Skwiza’s.”

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