Watch: Zodwa Wabantu In Tears After A House Robbery

Watch: Zodwa Wabantu In Tears After A House Robbery

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu on Thursday posted a video of her robbed home on Instagram. The dancer said thugs had broken into her home in Durban and had stolen clothes, a laptop, her lawnmower, and stocks of perfume bottles.

In the first video, she walks through her house to show where the robbers went through her house looking for things to steal, including the empty boxes of her perfume stock. She captioned the video: “House Robbery/Siqekezelwe please assist with any information/Grass Machines. Boxes of my Perfumes anyone selling them, Laptop, Our Clothes Zonke. Area Malvern”.

The dancer also posted a second video coming off tears about the incident and said sometimes you need to deal with the problems in life to remain stronger. In the video we can hear Zodwa saying “Ngyabonga, I will be fine. I will pick myself up and I will get going again”.

She captioned the video:  “To whoever going thru something, here is Zodwa Wabantu showing you Pain Zodwa Wabantu, we all have problems & we love them and whatever we go thru, we Start over with a Clear Mind & Spirit?????? Take from me to lift yourself up”

She also told fans that we all are going through suffering as people, but even when it gets tough, we should always try to remain strong and keep going. “No one should give up, this is life. Everyone going through stuff,” she says.

She goes on to tell her fans to appreciate life and says, while she’s hurting at the moment, she will feel better the next day.








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