Who is Marang’s Baby Daddy Between James, Vuyo and KK? Find Out Here

Who is Marang’s Baby Daddy Between James, Vuyo and KK?  Find Out Here

Marang finally went to James and told him that she is carrying his baby as she recently found out that she is six weeks pregnant after she missed a step in KK’s house and rushed to hospital by Kgosi. It seems like she is sure that it’s James’s baby however he claimed on how he could trust her after what she recently did, he wanted proof which is DNA evidence to prove that indeed it’s his baby.

Remember that Marang was spending her time with KK hereafter she claimed that she wanted him to teach her on how to use a gun however we are not sure what they were doing behind that. We all recently saw her running with Vuyo later she wanted to work with him on blackmailing Imani and we also do not know what they were doing behind that.

Apparently the truth is about to be revealed as James wants proof and Marang agreed to do that DNA test.  The result will come and James is the father of the Marang child.

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