Will it be Gladys or Thathi worth Melusi’s heart

Will it be Gladys or Thathi worth Melusi’s heart

Melusi Dlamini on Gomora has shown the side that nobody saw coming. For him to cheat on his wife is something that we didn’t see coming. He is the Principal of Gomora High School and is respected by the students and people in the society as he portrays a good man.

However, with the circumstances that have erupted around him and in his marriage he showed another side of him that isn’t pleasing. Should he blame the passing of Langa for this? Or the fact that Gladys wanted to abort his unborn child on top of the other abortions that she has done behind Melusi’s back, but she told Melusi about them and explained her reasons.

Will it be Gladys or Thathi worth Melusi’s heart

He is a man and a leader of his family and prior to him finding out about Gladys’s abortions he had already planned to cheat on her so he can not really blame Gladys for his infidelity. Now He has two women in his life one is his long lover and the other is his pregnant wife.

Whom will he choose to settle with as he didn’t think two before cheating on Gladys even threatened her about divorcing her? How Will they bring trust back in their marriage and what will he do about Thathi? Gladys’s fear is that Melusi’s heart belongs to Thati and yet he is married to her.

The only person who can solve this entanglement is Melusi by making a difficult choice it will be bitter to many but would save a lot of lives and hearts.

Now the question is who will take over Melusi’s heart? Do men stay married for the sake of children as well?

However, the writers are teaching the viewers about the impact of non-communication between a married couple and not voicing their expectations from one another. Lastly the fact that phobia and insecurities can make people settle for less hoping that things will work out.

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