Zenande Mfenyana Dragged For Insensitive Tweet About Her House Helpers

Zenande Mfenyana Dragged For Insensitive Tweet About Her House Helpers

In a now-deleted tweet, Zenande Mfenyana was seen dragging house helpers saying they are exhausting. However, that tweet did not land well and soon after she caught some heat from tweeps who labelled her arrogant and rude.

This is not the first time the actress and new mommy found herself on the wrong side of social media, and it looks like it won’t be the last. People have already made up their minds about the type of person Zenande is.

On Wednesday night, former The Queen actress found herself at the top of the trends list when she tweeted about how her house helpers are exhausting and expressed her frustration with the usage of an explosion head emoji. When followers called her out on her comments section saying she should respect her help by communicating her dissatisfaction personally, and not take it out on social media, the actress went on a blocking fling.


She got called all sorts of words and people have concluded that she is not a good person to be around with. “I repeat Bazalwane: No qualification, job title and bank balance qualify you to look down on any other person or to disrespect others,” Twitter user Christo Thurston wrote.

Generation directors were showing us a sign when they made Zenande Mfenyana act as Noluntu, she is exactly what Noluntu was, we ignored the signs,” commented Xolani Malinga.

I never expected this from you. Just so you know My Mom is a helper and she’s not exhausting! She’s been working for her boss for almost 25 years and she treats her like a Queen. She built her a house and even pays for her UIF. Learn to appreciate your helpers!” Precious commented.

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