Zodwa Wabantu may become a millionaire by dancing without a Panty

Zodwa Wabantu may become a millionaire by not wearing a panty

Zodwa Wabantu claims to be a millionaire!!!

Zodwa Wabantu millionaire
Source: Mzanzi Stories

The socialite and social media sensation Zodwa Wabantu made one million in a period of  three weeks as she now charges 25K for entertainment .

Zodwa also stated that she cut a deal with energy drink brand and they paid her 340 000 for being their face on her Facebook page.

Angel Factor Energy Drink Deal on the Bag I can’t thank God enough and Thanks to that first person who decided to take a video while I was dancing living my simple life not aware that I can get paid from it ENERGY BEYOND LIMITS LIKE,” she wrote.

According to the source she they claim that TV adverts are in the pipeline for the little known energy drink.

Another claim is that she also clinched a deal with Vodka and she was paid R110 000

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