Zodwa Wabantu Strikes Again With Her HIV Pills, ARVs

Zodwa Wabantu Strikes Again With Her HIV Pills, ARVs

Zodwa is firing stones from all cylinders and is not holding back. Her campaign against the stigma that comes when one takes ARV’s has since gain traction. She might be controversial and all but her campaign has wowed Mzansi and has made her a global phenomenon.

In the wake of her viral AVR video which has seen her trending Mzansi has since weighed into the campaign with some words of encouragement. Well, Zodwa Wabantu introduced her campaign with a shocker when she dropped a purse full of ARV’s on the ground and left Mzansi talking.

While some were shocked, others were amused and the video started a debate, with many people breaking their silence about HIV. And it seems that’s exactly what the media personality wanted when she shared the video. Zodwa told the publication she wanted to encourage people to use ARVs unashamedly.

“I have embarked on a campaign to end the stigma associated with taking ARVs.”


@28 April wrote: “Nothing much has changed. I’m still a 28-year-old mother of three, two boys and a girl. I’m HIV-positive. I still take my ARVs. Over and above everything, I’m happy and glowing.”

BoyGirl Child of Oshun wrote: “Five years ago, I received my HIV diagnosis. I was calm in the midst of it all. I started my ARVs two months later and I am still healthy.”

Secretary of Black Twitter said: “I respect people who take their ARVs and are not ashamed of it. At least they know their status. They know where they stand in life. Most of you will never test for
HIV as you know the kind of lifestyle you lead.”

Tshegofatso said: “Taking ARVs shouldn’t be something a person should be ashamed of. What matters is they are taking good care of themselves. If anything, they should be proud and happy.”

Zodwa told the publication being HIV-positive didn’t mean the end of the world.

“People live many years with the virus. If you find that you are positive, never lose hope, but take your medication correctly and live happily.”

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