Zola 7 Badly Injured In Serious Car Accident

Zola 7 Badly Injured In Serious Car Accident

Artist and television personality Zola 7 has come a long way in full recovery after being seriously injured after a near-death experience. But the fact that he may have broken the cordon and drunk driving should not be ignored. According to Sunday World, the star had an epileptic seizure while holding the steering wheel and worked into a group of concrete tables and chairs in Spaza in Meadowlands, Soweto.

The car was coming so fast that all the concrete tables and chairs were allegedly uprooted and crushed into the Pieces. After the accident, even the owner could not recognize his whereabouts. Zola, whose real name is Bongin Dramini, underwent surgery due to neck and back injuries. Doctors were able to successfully operate on back injuries.

On the day of the accident, the singer apparently refused to be taken to the hospital by ambulance, but was eventually taken to the hospital because of pain and suffering. On the bright side, it’s definitely good news to hear that the singer is okay in the end, but to get back to 100% he has to suffer the heavy workload of physical rehab.

In a turn of the event, the store owner wants to sue the singer because he didn’t follow the agreement to repair the damaged table and chairs. Shopkeeper Tsholofelo Mpanzi explained the scene of the accident and said Zola was driving under the influence of alcohol before the accident and apparently broke the curfew.

“I went to the car and checked who the driver was and found it to be Zola 7. When my mother and I asked him what had happened, he threw a bottle out of the car. He said he was sick while driving, lost control of the car and bumped into a chair or table. He was complaining of neck and back pain.

“He said he would be arrested for violating the blockade rules if he called the police after the curfew. He gave me a cell phone and begged me to call my wife. But I couldn’t make a call because I couldn’t unlock the phone, “Mupanji said.

She continued to explain the agreement they had. “One of my neighbors called my cousin and pushed his car, the gray Ford Fiesta, into the yard of another neighbor and kept it. Zola was damaged before leaving with her cousin. I promised to repair my chair and table, “Mupanji said.

But when it was time to pay, their conversation was like this. “Good evening, I hope you’re fine. You promised to go through today, but didn’t sell. No communication, no communication. I came to you and did the damage you caused. I think I gave you enough time to fix it. I will come to you until Sunday and give you to repair all the damage. Have a great night, “she told him on February 19th.

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